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Whether it’s struggling with mental health issues, physical disability, addiction recovery, social deprivation or long-term health conditions, not one of the people that we help has asked for their affliction. Many are at their wits end, struggling through day-to-day life with no one to turn to. Many are in a vicious cycle that needs an external force to break. We don’t just take people fishing – we give them a reason to get up that day. Many of our session attendees have become friends, a relationship that would never have come to fruition without the tireless work of our team of volunteers.


Tackling Minds is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that exists only to benefit the community. It receives no government funding and can only continue to operate with financial and equipment donations from the public and angling trade.

If you prefer to send a cheque or postal order, please make donations payable to:

Tackling Minds CIC
17 Kensington Street
Greater Manchester
SK14 5QD

Thank You

Please select the  ‘family and friends’ option when donating through PayPal.